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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Indications: IUI is an option for enhancing fertility. It can benefit women with decreased ovulation, men with decreased semen quality, and couples with unknown causes of infertility. IUI, also known as artificial insemination, can benefit women using donor sperm. The success rate of IUI is approximately 15-20% per cycle.

Risks: The risks of IUI include cramping and bleeding. There is a very small chance of infection. Women using fertility enhancing drugs have a higher chance of multiple pregnancies. On rare occasions, women experience an allergic reaction.

Pre Procedure Preparation: Women taking fertility drugs should take them as directed. The physicians are available during office hours Monday-Friday only to perform IUI. On the day of IUI, the semen is prepped and washed to maximize quality.

Procedure: The procedure will only take a few minutes and is performed in the office. Similar to a pelvic exam, a speculum will be placed in the vagina to visualize the cervix. A flexible catheter is passed gently through the cervix into the uterus. It some instances, a stabilizer is used to grasp the cervix to aid the passage of the catheter. The semen is injected slowly. All instruments are then removed and the patient is asked to lay flat for approximately 10 minutes.

Aftercare: After the procedure you can expect a watery, pinkish discharge and mild cramping. You may resume all activities except heavy exercise for 24 hours. You may have intercourse, and this may aid in conception. Ibruprofen should be used for cramping. Contact our office if you have any problems such as anmalodorous discharge or severe lower abdominal pain.

If you miss your next period (which would happen approximately 2 weeks after IUI), take a home pregnancy test. If the test is negative or your cycle begins, please contact our office to discuss your plan of care. If your pregnancy test is positive, congratulations!, and call our office to schedule an appointment.